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re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  unknown  23 Sep 17 3:03PM Thread Closed


re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  cadmium  23 Sep 17 5:13PM Thread Closed

the site's only as alive as its members. when you get a dead member, wanting to be liked because he or she needs so much to be liked that it's obvious they're a zombie, then you don't really have a member.

people use 'poetry' and 'poetry writing' as a dumpster of feelings, ignoring that those feelings are far more real and noble than just what we think they are. making a poem is to give those feelings a body in the material world, so that the actual in life reality of becoming someone who has these feelings can be shown, like the scar on a tree that's been hit by lightning: you know it must have happened, you can see the transfiguration of the tree's ignored, inert body into something which has meaning for a human. the scar can't be ignored. the poem can't be ignored.

there just aren't that many poets in the world. there's no reason this space should be about inventing poetry, when people who are afraid to write a short story have access to the handicapped ramp of 'it's all poetry and you're wonderful and thank you for telling us about your problem.'

i'm here always. that's alive. the disappointed want something more, something they can get at a stripper club or bath house. but, if they were smart enough to know that they wouldn't be whining for daddy to come and fix their broken toy.

re: Quick Survey -- Is Pc Dead or Alive??  unknown  23 Sep 17 5:51PM Thread Closed


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