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deleting poems  cadmium  18 Jul 18 1:06PM Thread Closed

deleting crap poems i thought were good is so satisfying.

re: deleting poems  unknown  18 Jul 18 2:25PM Thread Closed

you should acquire these skills for your beat account

re: deleting poems  cadmium  18 Jul 18 6:41PM Thread Closed

  what is a 'beat account'?... musics? i'd delete anything from a pop music site before i even downloaded it. mostly, i detest contemporary pop -- like, justin bieber sums up all the pretension of any kind of indie music itself -- just too stupid to ever create itself out of its genre.

re: deleting poems  unknown  19 Jul 18 1:39PM Thread Closed

you are a raddest beat poet  Cadmium

re: deleting poems  cadmium  19 Jul 18 1:59PM Thread Closed

i'm not beat, but i like to write in 'beatnik' sometimes. it's like some old 30 year old sk8r who goes out on his board after a few and breaks his leg. i'm stupid, but then again 'beatnik' was stupid. we thought that whatever natural thing we did was 'authentic' and yet looked to each other for authentication. we were just as much fashion clones as anyone today. sometimes, though, because 'beat' was a reaction to the world of power, we just sang our little loser songs, and they were good when we had a dog in the picture or talked about walking out of normal and into simple.

Jack Keroac  aforbing  19 Jul 18 3:51PM Thread Closed

I like the beats

re: Jack Keroac  cadmium  19 Jul 18 4:19PM Thread Closed

they, larry ferlinghetti, gave me a freedom of rhythm and expression. plus, i was so young when i met him that his writing and talking with him gave me a kind of freedom to say what was fun and bright. i'm thinking of 'a coney island of the mind' and those few early books. also, gregory corso had an intensity and direct simplicity and seemed to talk about real things. ginsberg was ok for 'howl', and i actually carried a copy of howl in my back pocket as a kind of reference and talesman and passport to the world of 'beat'. most of us did use poetry as an identity maker, a guide to living.

maybe the most important thing that remains, after you've experienced life more and come to the same experiences that these guys and women had, after they no longer can teach you about life in the same naive way, is their poetry's reflection of be-bop jazz rhythm. we'd listen to thelonius monk and we'd read howl as a thelonius monk performance -- cross rhythms and extended melody. be-bop was a visceral music, you listened to it and it jerked and pushed your body in both spastic and ballet smooth motions. to be hip to it, was to flow with it. and to flow with it you had to attach yourself to every note as it played along. to attach your feelings to every change, in and out of yourself and up and down in mood. not every beat did music or was musical -- kerouac was pretty square about music, kind of even still using it as wallpaper for his ideal fuck room. -- but, the really only still readable as poetry beat poems are trying to loosen the reader up into content the way jazz loosened up the poet.

re: Jack Keroac  unknown  20 Jul 18 11:57AM Thread Closed

good response  Cadmium

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