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the spammer  cadmium  16 Aug 18 1:39PM Thread Closed

a friend of mine on poetry circle told me that the spammer has is ill and that it might involve brain degeneration as well as organ failure. that being so, there's no real dialog available and any remedy for the site would involve lettling nature take its course. it's too bad, and i feel bad, because i thought that the attacks were personal and with some agenda. but if this is just an illness it probably isn't really connected to anything here. also, it may be that the spammer is spamming several other sites, the way 'tholan' used to spam music sites in the 90's. tholan finally died.

re: the spammer  unknown  16 Aug 18 6:37PM Thread Closed

must be an ex member doing the spamming

re: the spammer  cadmium  16 Aug 18 9:58PM Thread Closed

as in, lost a member and is castrated? perhaps.

re: the spammer  PollyReg  24 Aug 18 1:38AM Thread Closed

Fuck you’re funny sometimes, you nutcase.

That spammer that you think is me?

And you thinking that the spammer is me, I suppose, that this gesture could be my hypothetical get well wish? Saying it hypothetically best with a hypothetical hallmark card on the hypothetical basis that my very essence is chained to an abandoned username on a hypothetical poetry forum that I hypothetically spammed?

Hold onto your hat, Mike! It’s a microcosm redux!

I can already feel it in my booby trap(s).

Though you do seem to forgive ‘my spamming’  if I’m ill with brain degeneration...

So on that basis: Sold! I’ll take it! Maybe it will help me to get on a bit better with poets. Being a groupie hasn’t been working that well for me lately….

Are you sure there’s no other option available though. And, also, even if there was, must I always have to choose the most unpleasant of two unpleasant situations?  

“Brain degeneration or both feet eaten by a crocodile? Pick one now, Polly, you spammer!”

You see?

re: the spammer  cadmium  24 Aug 18 2:09AM Thread Closed

no, pol, i think you stopped spamming a year or two ago. this is someone else.

re: the spammer  PollyReg  24 Aug 18 2:11AM Thread Closed

I'm so touched :p

re: the spammer  PollyReg  24 Aug 18 2:14AM Thread Closed

maybe somebody has a virus on their computer and they don't know they are doing it.

re: the spammer  PollyReg  24 Aug 18 3:08AM Thread Closed

I'm actually quite hurt that your ire is now reserved for the usurper. I can't believe you don't want to play brain-degeneration versus crocodile-foot with me...

Dang, It used to be your favourite?  ;-)

See you next time, Cad. Hope you're not unwell yourself. I always assumed that you were either the moderator or the spammer of this website....

Sort of being going with moderator for a while, but still, who knows?

re: the spammer  cadmium  24 Aug 18 6:41AM Thread Closed

i'm writing in a vacuum and mostly have to just say stuff that i think needs to be said. the mods were inarticulate and hardly had any thoughts to give us beyond good manners, how to be a good clone on a committee of clones. the committee decided that poetry was worthless. the committee got food poisoning from too much sugar. they're all dead. don't eat sugar.

re: the spammer  PollyReg  24 Aug 18 10:08AM Thread Closed

My son has been listening to this one tonight


Me, I'm emptying vacuums. Actually emptying them.

Thanks for the reply.

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