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i'm worthless. are you?  cadmium  18 Aug 18 5:38PM Thread Closed

i'm evil and destructive, sentimental and sublime. if i were an animal, i'd be a porky-pine.

if i were a porcupine, sad and sissy-queer, i'd write a poem about the moon and drown myself in beer.

what would you drown yourself in? does writing make it better or worse for you...? do your friends get anything out of your writing? does it matter that you have friends...? what does being a poet mean?

re: i'm worthless. are you?  impoppy  18 Aug 18 11:46PM Thread Closed

cheer up dude.

look in the mirror and realise you aren't the sum of your negative parts or the positive parts or the inbetween...you are just you.. and live within the confines of this world like everyone else

re: i'm worthless. are you?  impoppy  19 Aug 18 12:42AM Thread Closed

we are all neither worthy or worthless... but we might be crazy... why do people type into their keyboards to write a poem or a comment into a computer... its madness really

re: i'm worthless. are you?  cadmium  19 Aug 18 12:44AM Thread Closed

but, i'm worthless. i can't look in the mirror cause i look worthless. i'm the sum of it, yes, minus the parts that would make me not look so skinny... plus, i'm the sum of minus about 50 IQ points below the average 105 IQ of most posters here. that means that, whereas they're five whole points smarter than people who read like a 12 year old, i'm so dumb i'm reading like a less than zero and writing way down backwards that it even starts to read like commercial  prose --  so far retard that i'm writing prose like stephen king. that's retard. the confines of my world is so narrow, cause i'm so dumb, that i seem like a genius to most people. it's because my brain is so small that anytime i have two sensations at once they're jammed together into a synthetic and i can write another thesis.

the negative parts are the other side of the positive parts, and both are negated by their prior forms, which are dynamic and force the whole into parts and parts into pinatas. ole.

re: i'm worthless. are you?  impoppy  19 Aug 18 12:55AM Thread Closed

its hard to see worthlessless in a mirror.. mirrors are reflections, and what is reflected back is purely what the ego sees, not reality

re: i'm worthless. are you?  cadmium  19 Aug 18 1:05AM Thread Closed

my mirror is from the dollar store. it's so low class, it dissed: 'yew lookin' at ME?!!'.

re: i'm worthless. are you?  unknown  19 Aug 18 2:41PM Thread Closed

A poet means recognizing vanity before breakfast

re: i'm worthless. are you?  cadmium  19 Aug 18 6:53PM Thread Closed

what does 'recognize' mean on your planet?

re: i'm worthless. are you?  cadmium  28 Aug 18 5:24PM Thread Closed

the recognition, for an artist, comes only in the making and finishing of the work. and, since the work is never finished, we never know who or what we actually are, just 'how we act'. a slap in the face.

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