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just do it.  cadmium  19 Aug 18 6:08AM Thread Closed

the thing that stops me from posting all the time is when a couple or more people get into their own dialog about what consciousness is, and if poetry is a reflection of consciousness or, instead, a negation of consciousness ( where the All is reduced to the thing. )

that dialog i won't get too much into, because the reality is the dialog itself and not the 'conclusion' or 'fact' decided in the dialog.

alc's gone and so is frac. they could do it best, and i learned something from them.

re: just do it.  rivergood  19 Aug 18 2:44PM Thread Closed

Cadmium is his own interest  all 70 years plus

re: just do it.  cadmium  19 Aug 18 6:52PM Thread Closed

can you write that in english?

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