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our friends and why they like us  cadmium  23 Aug 18 9:23AM Thread Closed

when we're transactional --  only fuctioning in 'give/take' mode, we freeze things into tokens, into symbols: little images of what to use and what to  do make tasks easier... 'fetch the brick'. as social beings we were born to be slaves... to perform tasks. some people can have three or more symbols at once, can make patterns. this allows them freedom to recombine the opaque into its components of a task with the dynamic reality of the person doing the task. this is what we call wirking or being on more than one level. bad people who have this gift are incomplete. they recruit slaves to complete an incomplete symmetry... people like stalin, gandhi and little stalins and gandhis.

half the world is born bad. are manipulatives defective, only half-geniuses... "brilliant" for making the atomic bomb, for teaching at naropa....that they can only combine symbols into instructions... can't make art... just lists and more lists of their wonderfuk thoughts? and never want anyone else to be free except them? in life, you get manipulated by them because you're a good person. and, they drink themselves to death because they know but can't feel why you see them. see them for what they are. mentally, they're paranoid and think that's intuitive, and can't understand why you're so much of what they were told they themselves and only themselves were supposed to be. their method is to pretend to be you, but you'e the last person they'd want to be: they can't live without their mother or father or mistress or boy or pet sofa and scotch, and you can't live without understanding why. they'll also be the ones ge^ig tenure for an edition of our complete works.

good luck, intuitive poets. we can't be anything but humble in such a world. when forced to, we can see the patterns and predict the future, but we can't predict the past.

re: our friends and why they like us  cadmium  23 Aug 18 10:57PM Thread Closed

in art school we're taught that artists are sensitive, but we're not taught that non-artists are users and mindless consumers. in fact, we're shamed into making art for the people, with nobody explaining that we're part of the people, except we're supposed to 'know our place.' it's the same class rule our trailer trash parents tried to teach us.

a psychology class in art school could talk about the people who will read and publish our poems. the types and personalities. all the people we wished we'd known about and understood before we turned twenty. who to not accept help from, and who not to believe and follow.

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