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the truth is that we're poets  cadmium  26 Aug 18 7:40PM Thread Closed

you have to get your head around the idea that poets are losers converting their failed life into a beautiful gift.

you're not a lover or a wage-slave or sex-slave or son-slave or daughter-slave. the only way you can live is to be free, and the only gift you've been given by creation is to do things with words. you're pretty much worthless otherwise. you know that.

inferior mentalities can make words work as tools -- to say things to make people feel good or bad. but you, you know what words are and what they aren't. those people are inferior because they think you're like them, think you're dull and easy. they have nothing for you, they can't teach you anything, can't help you be real. and, because they're dull with words you can't teach them that their squeeks and squeels aren't doing anything at all. nobody's going to come rescue them because they're squealing like a rabbit.

someone taught you what a poet is supposed to be, and what a poem is supposed to be. who? and, why? because, for me, my grammar school teachers just wanted us to write anything at all. they didn't expect us to be poets -- didn't want us to be poets, just grow up to be kind to teachers.

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