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my own harshest critic  cadmium  3 Sep 18 3:34AM Thread Closed

i just took down seven of my pieces. in critiquing a couple of recent poems, i analyzed how the poems were made and how they failed as poetry. i then, vanity, looked at my stuff to see if i wanted to bump some. i read them objectively, since i was very strongly focused on helping and critiquing at that moment, and i saw they were just junk writing -- unrealized vanity poop which i read at the time i wrote them as just wonderful as cream cheese. ask me why i post here? why i post so much and push so hard. i wish people would push and break on the pieces of my poems instead of just pushing their body into me to make me stay or go away.

i'm embarrassed that i posted such obvious crap and that it stayed up so long. if i'd get a decent crit, i'd have changed and known that i could change them into poetry. instead, i just want to wipe them up off the floor and brood like batman.

there's more crap in 'my poems' and maybe some of them aren't that bad. how would i know?

re: my own harshest critic  unknown  12 Sep 18 9:47PM Thread Closed

delete all your poems,
and start again.

its not like it matters,
not unless you want to sell them,
or let someone read them and get some joy out of them.

re: my own harshest critic  cadmium  13 Sep 18 1:51AM Thread Closed

if you can't read, they won't mean anything to you. you should go to poetry circle. there's lots of readable poems there and some very nice and friendly people.

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