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narcissist  cadmium  12 Sep 18 4:29PM Thread Closed

i think the paradox is that a poem is always a picture of the author. but, if the author doesn't realize that people can read his soul in the way the poem is written, he'll think he's protected, think that he's only writing truth... that no one can see his real personality... objective truth. when, the only real truth someone that dumb can write is the truth about what he thinks about himself. thus, pissing down on us even more of his wonderful personality.

if you're not aware of your own games, you won't write yourself out of them.

re: narcissist  unknown  12 Sep 18 9:43PM Thread Closed

when you spend hours on end, building the perfect boomerang, and you struggle, and you do everything you can do to get it right... and then you throw it, and it doesn't come back in the end into your own hand..

then that means you shouldn't be a parent.

re: narcissist  cadmium  13 Sep 18 1:54AM Thread Closed

your conceptualizing what i do as though it were ultimately about you. yet, because you're not a genius you think that being about you is giving you nice things and admiring you.

i share, but people like you aren't literate and conceptual. you don't share back. that's why it looks to you like i'm trying to control you.

roll over. play dead.

re: narcissist  unknown  12 Oct 18 10:00PM Thread Closed

you have to love yourself to be loved, we are always told.

narcissism isn't a bad thing, its a really good thing. But leave some room for other people

re: narcissist  cadmium  16 Oct 18 3:45AM Thread Closed

'love'. what kind of love is licking a mirror? these aren't people as you and i know people. they're parasites using language to talk us into being their slave. they're the ones who say 'everyone's a poet' so that we're forced to let them into our sister's bedroom or seem mean. "he'z a poet! his eyes are like demon's eyes! ay could not resist his power!"

re: narcissist  cadmium  21 Oct 18 7:25PM Thread Closed

narcissists are like trump, want everything to be all sweet so that people'll love them. if you're thinking the wrong thought, not being sweet, the narcissist will, at minimum, say you're unacceptable, tacky, nerdy, whatever. narcissists only tolerate, they don't educate. hippy life in the sixties was narcissist from psychotic drugs, was about everyone loving each other except not that kind of love -- like, you know, just feeling good about life. like, allen ginsberg is really going to, in 1967, accept this diseased out woman prostitute's offer of a good time as, 'it's love, baby, bring it on.'. didn't happen. would have just given her a lecture about 'cosmic love'. that ain't love, that's preaching.

re: narcissist  unknown  27 Oct 18 11:21PM Thread Closed

words really suck for expressing honesty.. actions are much better

re: narcissist  cadmium  2 Nov 18 5:40PM Thread Closed

words are actions -- expression is real on every level. the intention of a narcissist is to convince you with words and sexy body attitude that you're worthy of worshiping him. until he gets bored with you.

children are inarticulate. they don't have the words or way of saying that they'll have after their word-organic mind stops growing -- around twenty or so. that's when they stop being mimics and start trying to make sentences and ideas.

take it that there are three consciousness levels:

a physical: 'attitude'
a mental: 'opinion'
and, a transcendental 'conceptual'.

mostly, we function on attitude, and when we're challenged we insert an opinion to make things normal in our head. that's the level where words don't mean anything, that they're just used transactionally to get stuff.

the transcendental is when you invent opinion. that's when words are used creatively. the opinion isn't necessarily creative, but the head space you get into is like your kid-learn space you were at when you were just leaning what things were for and how to name them.

some people, maybe you, are drones: you're about fucking a queen. you assume that everyone else is either competition or or a queen. you'll even use a guy for a queen if you can get away with it. that's straight guy normal. it's not love, when you're looking for a queen, but you're in love with the game. the game doesn't work in words for you, cause you're a 'tard, so that's why you think words are worthless.

> words really suck for expressing honesty.. actions are much better

re: narcissist  unknown  5 Nov 18 1:10PM Thread Closed

  I wonder, do you drink Cad?
Not a dig, would just like to know.

re: narcissist  cadmium  7 Nov 18 3:19AM Thread Closed

>   I wonder, do you drink Cad?
> Not a dig, would just like to know.

no, nothing since i was 45, and then just to drink when i went to my friends' punk concerts. alchohol's never been my friend.

my question is... and, you have to understand that a dialog goes both ways... what caused you to ask me this question? because, if it's because you want to know how i write, then others might want to know too, and you can form the question to make it conceptual. if it's because i seem 'out of control' then that's an interesting thing too. like, i feel that i've gotten very comfortable with writing my thoughts after all these years. but, it may be that my thoughts themselves are plastic and simply not in reality...

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