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poet as technicolor and proser as monochrome?  cadmium  19 Sep 18 7:50PM Thread Closed

poet is like using both sides of your brain at once -- sensitive but real, sensual but objective.

proser is like using that one functioning side to fake out a virtual consciousness with what little sense data you can process: ah'm just telling the twooth.

the proser comes here like some colorblind but well meaning tool, angry that we're not doing angry bird pictures and pictures of two sailors kissing or something -- 'something people want to see, shown in a way that's sexy'. 'meaningful'. 'interesting to everyone'.

poets are able to unite in a balance the sensual and tactile world into union. poetry readers enter that unity and feel whole and creative.

prose writers with all their sentences basically just tweet the location of a new sub shop to tell you they got there first.

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