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Existance and Purpose has been deleted.  Qayyum  23 Sep 18 3:19PM Thread Closed

Peace be upon you.

Very sorry about my recent arrangement. I am not acting in good faith while uploading the arrangement.

The arrangement has been deleted, as me did not want to 'kill off' this one that made this place a special place - a sense of personal touch. This piece had killed off so many arrangements that deserve more attention. It's not right that me do that, and so that is why me do this.

Again, sorry for the arrangement.

Peace be upon you.

re: Existance and Purpose has been deleted.  cadmium  23 Sep 18 5:20PM Thread Closed

i don't think anyone noticed. the problem with self-fulfilling is that it's already dead as soon as you write it. just write simple about simple things. if you're any good as a human it will show. nobody here needs your ideals, your grand truth, just your poetry. your belief is true only because you at heart are true. beliefs are a tee-shirt waiting for a naked body.

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