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shelling, as in all things

these tiny shells i search for,
are concave on one side
white and flat on the other
with the golden section,
by that i mean the shell
like spiraling, barely visible.
in color they appear,
skin, skinny, skinlike, peach.
but only on the domed side.
sometimes spotted
i search for them where
the coarsest shell bits gather,
just inside the waters edge
at the bottom of the first drop
and store them in my mouth,
while i sift through the conglomerate
that i have scooped in my hand,
and look as though i'm eating them.
it's hard but gets easier.

for Mykl

24 Aug 04

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 — unknown

not takers?
 — hank

 — unknown

for fucks sake
 — hank

aaahhh. ssssheee shells
 — unknown

it does get easier.
 — kitkat

why did not more people comment on this?  C'mon people...actually read.
 — kitkat

 — unknown

haha amusing ending.
the description of the shells is a little long i think, but overall i liked it.

 — steveroggenb