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A Requiem For You And I

I know that you may think it,
but this is not your love song.
I sing it for my mother,
and I sing it for my sister.
Something sweet
and something sad,
but a crescendo of joy
for them, always.
If I should sing
a song for you,
it would be a requiem,
a listless, haunting tune
like a lonely wooden flute.
A song to mourn
the death of you and I,
our youth,
our innocence,
and the love we used to have.
I'll quietly bury you beneath the notes.
But I know I can't forget you.

28 Aug 04

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I would suggest a sonnet form for this, it would be so much more powerful. As it is, it's not bad, it's quite nice.
 — wendz

I never thought about trying to make this into a sonnet. It's a good idea. I may have to attempt it!
 — Rynne

 — Charlie

not bad.. but remember that it's supposed to be "you and me" instead of "you and i"-- the first person non-possessive pronoun is always "i" in the subject and "me" in the predicate, no matter whether or not in combination with other nouns or pronouns. no one follows this rule anymore, but i'm trying to preserve it as long as i can.
 — saysayonara

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