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slated in a slot
i find myself wallowing
neither here nor there

31 Aug 04

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L1 !!
 — cfaber

pretty good.
 — Charlie

Why is it that I have to count sylables every time I see a Haiku?  I know that it's going to be a 5-7-5 poem, but I still count.

 — leonxic

no thanks
 — hank

Short and sweet.  Me likes.
 — FemmeInLA

First of all, I highly, intensly disagree with leonxic. This doesn't need capitals letters. No individual word or letter in it is so important that it needs to be raised above the others - it's a poem like that. It's a poem about being in limbo, of waiting, but not even actively waiting, of just existing in a place that's not one thing but not the alternative. And you wallow. Brilliant word to use there.

Well done. I love good haiku.
 — KibBen

I have always loved haiku.
I wouldnt add capitols either.
 — art_n_ash

nice one.

thank queue.
: )
 — fractalcore

Wonderful!  Loved it.
 — sybarite