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We'll Cross That Blue Moon When We Get To It

In a day I could be there
the going is ephemeral,
a bird in the hand-
a cold day in hell,
all I learned is temporal.

3 Sep 04

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well,,lets put this up
 — hank

 — hank

Hankton. This made put everything down. Wonderbrotchen! I printed it out and  added it to my wall of paper stuffs.
 — onklcrispy

Not even the comments make sense!

Come on, I'm trying to like it but - what is it?

 — unknown

well onklcrispy, hooyeah, i believe this is the first time youve chimed in on one of my poems and im flattered.  be sure your walll of paperstuff becomes not a fire hazard.
 — hank

I don't really understand it, or the title, but the language and general ebb of the poem is enjoyable.
 — Jakle1111

looks like you've been where i have....

 — unknown

 — unknown