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Santa's Heroes

They're going like the clappers
The Elves in Santa's shed
They only stop for pee poos
And they never go to bed
'Cos they're so busy working
On every kiddy's dream
And they will never falter
No matter how extreme
And when at last they're finished
They'll load up Santa's sled
Then tip-toe up to Rudolph
And paint his nose bright red.

9 Dec 02

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'Pee poos' is creepy. The rhyming here is really well done, but I think you just need to add a bit more content. It ends a bit too soon...
 — Moose

Hum. I guess I missed something. First line is awesome.
 — quinn

elf piss etc
 — unknown

Damn you Tobias Pearl!!
 — onklcrispy

Bloody hell! This has two tens!! .... and there's no sign of FrChris!!!??
 — unknown

I'd read this to my grand-daughters but I'll change some of the words in the first stanza...very cute but is it Christmas again already?!!!!!
 — Isabelle5

The first stanza is awesome!
 — unknown

Ah, here's FrChris now. I guess this poem is just really well-liked for it was given two tens. It's probably well-liked because it is playful. I agree with Moose too, "pee poos" is a bit creepy. There, now I've rated it.~Chris King 10/10
 — FrChris

Thanks Chris, but the trouble is my poem still only has two tens. Have you been telling porky pies?
 — unknown

love your poems. can't wait to read more.
 — hank

very light and cute. i love the last to lines. nice job. i dont celebrate x-mas so the meaning may be a little lost with me, but i think i get the general idea.
 — SweetPain

Thanks, folks, and Merry Xmas to All.
 — unknown

LOL Great Poem and so true.Santa told me when i was having a schnapps with him in the Reindeer Arms that they always retouch Rudolphs nose each Xmas

From a true believer

Larry Lapland Lark
 — larrylark

Thanks, Larry. It's people like you that make people like me like people like you. BTW, did you get  bullshit warmers again for Xmax?
 — unknown

pee poos..haha
 — mr_e

Wow again

Just imagine if we had two Christmases one in June And the other in January which is such a miserable month anyhow.No,it wouldn't work,you can't get the staff these days.

Larry Barbie beach xmas Lark
 — larrylark

Merry Christmas, K!
 — unknown