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my captor in the shadows

you would be
there, but i had
to check anyway.
always was
a quasi-masochist.
your vehicle,
such an iconic
fearful sight.
breathe too fast,
sharp intake.
could feel your
still, after all this
time has passed.
how do i deny it?
to myself?
to you?
foreign dilemma.
lost, and i want you
to guide me through
period of ferment.
could i need you?
drive away,
go home,
go to sleep,
toss and turn.
mind swarming,
thoughts no good
for thinking.
lucid dreaming:
provide me with the arms
pointlessly craving.
wake up.
so cold,
alone, unrested,
had i slept at all?
were you
there, but now
gone too far?
seeing you
inside my head
too much to bear--
crushing rejection
without ever having said
a word.

10 Oct 04

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