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found words- the monkey at the typer

a solicitation arrived to my inbox the other day...
"take distance broken large difficult leaving giving moon how silence, pardon
servant nervous fallen i wood seems been,
must argue wild nervous bed spring. number water price shame fall trouble.
desire thee worthy tight pattern less some niece name.
arms table knew looking service dinner" pattern east passed pray return began leaving?
and planning studying more past board. ten captain certainly principal blew dare,
possible independent appeared given progress desire god single prairie, miss
problem whole fly miles difficulty do dreadful case!
physical hair safety price greatest hundred case, force forward office over.
careful looking eyes voice list find excitement been others practical, stepped
later careful repetition everywhere?
forget grade fond fresh."
...and i read it but i didn't buy it.

12 Oct 04

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I did rent it.
 — ShelbyS

what was it?
 — hank