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Late Autumn

Once upon a time,
far, far away from now,
i sat on my throne,
king of all i'd sown,
two beautiful daughters
at my feet, winding
daisies between my toes,
posies, nosegays they made
and by all that is holy
(though i'm not a religious man)
my world contained
all i could ever wish for.
Life vanishes into mists
while we are as happy as larks
skimming shimmering lakes
on a rainbow flight
from which we never wake.
I knew what i was
provider of dreams.
My defined duties- Christmas, Easter
holidays, Hallowe'en; whether
in teeming rain, as they watched
behind a cloudy window pane
or clear frosty night filled
with smell of burnt wood ash,
oak, elm, or among forked lightening,
i lit fireworks on Guy Fawkes night,
exploding into a fantastic celebration
of all that had been created
in the name of love.
Now i'm old and early
November nights run cold
through my veins.
I sit by that same clouded
window pane,while outside
my daughters huddle
against the wind, shielding
the light of matches,
retreating in dark silhouette
against fading sunset.
A rocket explodes its thousand
parts then falls to earth.
They come into the house,
one on each side,
holding my hands tight,
for love endures far beyond
starry skies, lasting always
and forever without end.

11 Nov 04

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this is perhaps one of the most beautiful things i've read in awhile. you portray the picture very well.
 — unknown

Hi unknown

i appreciate your comments. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply
 — unknown

what a lovely, lovely poem
 — schotsy

Dear Schotsy

Thanks for taking the trouble to read.

Larry bookworm Lark
 — larrylark

This poem is absolutely and completely beautiful! I love the imagery, wording and message though the end is a bit sad. But love endures and I'm glad he wasn't alone in the Winter of his years. God bless we should all be so lucky!
 — wamblicante

dear wanblicante

I'm sure you realise by now that i am the objectionable old git in the poem and i made them pay for their own fireworks making quite a tidy profit.

Larry Fawkes Off Lark
 — larrylark

This came up on random and I find it very touching and beautifully written.
Thank you larrylark.

 — unknown