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Glass Onion

Looking through a glass onion
at the seeds of wild rumour floating,
fertilized by psychedelia,
spreading like weed,
shooting up its own paranoia
as sixties flower filled dreams
wither and die.
Dylan a drag queen, looking just like a woman?
Warhol's velvet banana mascerated in LSD?
Hendrix murdered by the mafia
for mocking Sinatra? No, I made that one up
but irrefutably true is that Macca
went to heaven in'67, replaced by an actor
with facial hair who became sartorial
"Sir Paul". Clues strewn like poppies
through Beatle lines. John mutters
"Paul is dead, Paul is dead," leaving
Strawberry Fields Forever, and what about
the Pepper's cover? Pauls badge says OPD,
Ontario Police Department or
Officially Pronounced Dead?
Barefoot he goes across Abbey Road,
different from the others.
Beetle reg. 28IF can be clearly seen,
28 if he'd survived, but that boy
never grew old, a nowhere man
consigned to Yesterday, and when he's 64
at the end of a long and winding road
only her Majesty will know the truth for sure.

19 Nov 04

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hmm, not a fan of the people who believe Paul died, sorry.  it's called paranoia.
 — sassybnyss

If you really think i believe that Paul mcartney died in 1967 then you are a bigger fool than your reply makes you sound . Have you never heard of satire or is it a foreign country in your neck of the woods
 — unknown

hear, hear larry, a very clever, fun poem
 — larrylark

Irony, dear sassybnyss, irony.
 — unknown

Think of yor own damn title.
 — pennylane

 — unknown

Dear Unknown

Surely you mean Maccarated?
 — larrylark

Haha, this was clever. Although it felt like three different powems: the first stanza, lines 8-14, and the rest.
 — silentscream

Trying to be a meaningful poem but isn't.
 — Wix

Dear Wix

I've never written a meaningful poem in my life or tried to ,after all ,and its something you don't seem to have grasped my petite minded poem hopping friend,life is ultimately without meaning so what would be the point?

Larry black hole Lark
 — unknown

Thanks Larry

Good to see you take criticism with a pinch of salt.  Actually I liked this.
 — Wix

  I love the title, just creeping now, no honestly it's a fun read!
 — Wix

This was a fun piece.
I felt it too...I had forgotten what it felt like.
Thanks for the memories.
 — sam

didn't even have to rate it to know that this is yours, larry. : P  nice work.  lots of past memories, i s'pose?  i'm not really old enough to remember that particular sensation.
 — midare

Dear midare,

Did you know that distinctive Beatles' sound I was co-opted into the band to sit inside the bass drum shaking a pair of maraccas?

Larry eggman lark.
 — larrylark

line 11 is my favorite.  another well executed beatles poem! that's two for two, larry good poem writer lark.
 — HandsomeHerb

Hey, therow in a reference to Lucy in the Sky w/Diamonds and a little blurb about Hunter S. Thompson and you're good to go.
 — aforbing

i must be da only one ere who don't git this

oh wewl

i must ave wingo worm

 — unknown