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Ventriloquist Log

On a solitary Sunday walk through the park,
ground like underfelt turning to compost,
shifting ground. The decibels of a dog's bark
echoed in still air. A distant log branch,
gnarled and thick, caught his eye.
He smiled.For some reason,
reminded of a ventriloquist's doll.
Kids conkering, a football's thud.
Two lovers wrapped in a single scarf.
The thick log branch lay, almost obscured.
He thought he heard a voice,
staccato,cocksure, clear,
"I'll give you a tour of the strange and obscure,
lewd and obcene, spirits and sprites in the dead
of the night." He wore an immaculate silver birch suit,
black scar of a tie.
One hardened sap bead had become a gleaming eye.
Mouth a gash, where wood had been slashed.
"Sod off scaredy cat, go home to cocoa and toast,
chestnuts roasting on an open fire, mow the lawn,
be a fucking trier, cuddle your sweetie wife,
get back to your sad little life."
A long way down the stoney path
lay the park gate. Travelling at a rate of knots,
he fled. Mocking words, a knife in his head,
"You're the living dead , living dead, living dead..........."
He returned to the welcoming roar of polluting traffic,
laughing with relief, but people passing seemed
as phantoms in fog, while in the park
muttered the ventriloquist log.

29 Nov 04

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L12, "steange and". L19, space after "wife,", l20, "you're". Very nicely done.
 — claudia

Thanks - having trouble getting the lines to work on this format.
 — larrylark

Ventriloquist log, eh?  Very very interesting. . . have to think on it.  I liked the repetition of "living dead"; to me it seemed like that was intended to give the impression of an echo trailing off --was it?
 — Rhibal

Dear Rhibal

Yes exactly,but it is also a very good and accurate description of myself at 6 AM just after the alarm has gone off

Larry If i could turn back time Lark       &nbs p;                 &n bsp;     
 — unknown

a distant log's branch.
a distant log branch.

the language is good but very slightly twisted here and there (an eg of that above)
also like an ocd sufferer, i want to place spaces in places. or bust.

really quite descriptive. not badly.
really quite ok. goodly so.

you changed the title.
that's all you seem to have edited though.
i liked ventriloquist alone better, allowed the end of the poem to be more ...
 — kaleidazcope

Dear K.
Thanks for your kind comments they have been noted and tonight i am going to take them to the park to discuss further with the Ventriloquist Log.

Larry Goggle a Geer ,Goggle a Geer Lark
 — larrylark

Awwww I thought it was going to be about a piece of wood :( gutter
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

And thats how it wood appear to a blockhead

Larry thick as a brick Lark
 — larrylark

why did this get 6? do only good poems come up on random?
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

Many great artists and poets have never been recognised during their lifetimes.I find a good wayto get recognition is to go up to a total stranger in the street and say "Hi,My made up name is Larry Lark and i'm phoney through and through."

Larry Two black eyes Lark
 — unknown