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a good shot

a quick note
to let you know,
the sculpture i threw
      through the window
was not one of my best.

8 Dec 04

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Im sure your also sorry you ate my delicious plums?
 — InMyBlood

Would it be more in the keeping of the feel to switch the "my" of l6 with a "your"?
Short, tinged with such checked anger. Nice.
 — unknown

but it wasn't her sculpture. it was mine.
 — hank

there is no line 6
 — unknown

through your window?
 — gnormal

 — hank

love it!
 — meghanmidget

A random by the same author. What are the chances? I'm sure some cleverer Unknown with an abacus or a girlfriend with ten fingers and ten toes will tell us. This is good too. Did you hit anything interesting? Was it a note of apology? It would make a good apology note.
 — unknown

A good poem about anger and practicality. Simple and to the point. I like it a lot!
 — wamblicante

I like your sculptures, and your poems :)
 — kitkat

thanks kitty.
 — hank