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words for sara

you wrote me a letter on my birthday
many years ago, thank you.
i found it last week, torn,
yellowed, but delight was
mine a second time.
i carried it for days, must
remember to track her down,
looked you up and didn't give up
when trails dead-ended,
to find you living in my backyard.

15 Jan 05

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in fear of interpreting this wrong, i am going to read this a 5th time...

...sounds to me as if you killed her
or she was your dog
but the dog angle doesn't make sence.
perhaps you only see her in nature?
and the letter is a leaf?
or maybe i'm being a little too deep.

lines 7 and 8:  the sudden change from "you" to "her" is one thing i stumbled over.

anyhow, i will be pondering over this poem for a while. i'm not sure if i am seeing it--or will ever see it--clearly.

 — unknown

It's pleasant, but I agree with peanut- I don't understand how she's in your backyard.  I doubt you mean it literally, but I'm not sure how you mean it.  Are you opposed to giving another line or two to say just what you mean?  
 — shiloh

i assume sara is pretty much the embodiment of love and as desperately and as endlessly as you searched, all you had were echoes of past love.  then you gave up... and found love where you hadn't expected.
and line 7's transition to 'her' isn't so bad, it's the only line that refers to this sara, this past echo, directly... for it was love that wrote you the letter, but sara that you may still be able to track down.
anyway, thanks for the "interesting"...
 — mwalkerd

I have to agree with peanut there, hank. I'm guessing that "sara" being in the backyard is just a memory? Or maybe mwalkerd has the correct reading. The first five lines made me feel serene, and warm and fuzzy inside thinking about the same sort of notes which I've had. You really are mellowing in your old age. :)
 — wendz

"living in my backyard" can also mean living very close to where you live.
 — unknown

huh, i actually did this the other day, found a sara in my backyard, her yellowed letters still in my school-days drawer
 — oracle