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State of the Union

I'm normally not the kind
to tell the future,
but I'm doubtful that  
I'll ever see
on TV,
a hug
that meant so much to me.

3 Feb 05

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keeeeeeeeeewl! ;) i like this! :D
 — unknown

I love it. I may not agree, but I love the poem.
 — unknown

took in by the staged hug, huh?
 — unknown


i heard it on the radio,
but listening to Bush tell their stories
and then imagining the spectacle when the
radio-speaker said
they were hugging

it was nice

i wish i saw it

 — unknown

I wish I'd seen it too. I like this, aforbster. I wish you'd write more poems like this. Please.
 — unknown

I am reading through the Chicago Tribune and have come across an interesting article for ya'll. Here is a link (which i hope works).  I figured this would be the appropriate place to post it.

"Best moment of Bush's speech had no words"

this really is a nice poem if i do say so myself

 — unknown

ok ok
that link doesn't work >_that doesn't work...well...


 — unknown

Is this a political poem, or the mindless rant of an eleven year old?
 — themolly

hmm is that the monica and bill hug?
as a non- american i'm a little fijuzzled.
I still appreciate good writing though. Nice.
 — mr_e

This would be the hug between First Lady, Laura Bush, and an Iraqi woman.
 — aforbing

 — unknown

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