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The Bush Kaleidoscope now and then

The first mass-market kaleidoscope dates to 1873
and  remains unexcelled by any brand since manufactured


=A collector's retrospective, 2006
The kaleidoscope by Charles Bush:
brass and walnut-brown pasteboard
tube and case containing bits,
mirrors,  to refract small facts.
Through that window is seen genius
proof that art is no mere sum
but something more than of its parts.
Visual poetry, Victoriana
from Mr. Bush, who designed for vending
insights to the gray-lived masses.
=A hawker's preview, 1873
Two dollars per copy!
Come, have a view!
Take home a gallery of pictures, by you,
with their colors and patterns as phantasmagoric,
as polychromatic, as the Hottentot's pope!
Yes, this is your Mr. Bush's Kaleidoscope
for just two dollars--- your copy.
Here, have a view.

18 Feb 05

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I was hoping for Kate Bush in this ... but love that i was disappointed then pleased ...

good work ...
 — Bloodfetish

hate the format.
 — ShelbyS

shelby, what do you mean by "format"?  An average number of  words of concrete meaning on white background is all the format I can see.   sign me puzzled.
 — netskyIam

slight adjustments made and justified the capitalization scheme  I have  not altered the "format", whatever that means.  I wish Shelby would come back to explain his cryptic becuase I am still baffled.   Slams OK, but please explain why/what you may not like about the poem.  
 — netskyIam

bloodfetis?????? sounds creepy
 — unknown

ur a retard
 — unknown

Lia read this poem, liked it, and thought that the two lines (one in the header and the other in the poem) should be deleted. She thought that the last line of the poem should be deleted as well.
 — Lia

I enjoyed this. thanks
 — Trish77

Oh, this early poem is in serious need of revision-- to remove the odd stuff.
Lia: I can't alter the second part because that strophe is the 1873 hawker's sales pitch.

There's much else to fix, however.
Again, trish, thanks very much for calling this poem to my fresh attention.  Nice words help.   -reid
 — netskyIam

Revised to better standards.  Former version:

Kaleidoscope by Bush, this first,
of brass and walnut brown pasteboard
tube and case enclosing bits
and mirrors to refract the facts

In its window is genius view;
a show that art is not mere sum
but something more than of its parts;
this visual poetry Victoriana,
when C.G. Bush designed by heart
and vended hues unto the masses

~~~ hew of the past:

Two dollars per copy!
Come have a view!
Colors and patterns phantasmagoric!
Polychromatic as the Hottentot pope
is our Mr. Bush's Kaleidoscope
 — netskyIam

This seems rather boring.
 — unknown

Reid, you are a continual source of amazement, i could query the usage of 'genius' or 'gray-lived masses' but that would be 'picky'. Shelby might be on about a verse of poetry coupled to a hawkers blurb.....$2.00  a copy in 1873 ? could the masses afford that ?
 — unknown

Pelican's gonna get you.
 — unknown