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Im falling alseep but shes pulling
my sheets
i want to tell her no but shes
deaf i know she can hear me
she just dosent want to
she smoked my cigarettes and
wont confess to it but her
hands smell like smoke and tar
she has ahstray breathe
shes so full of lies and
cigarette smoke shes the
lonliest bitch around
shes never whole she feels
incomplete she wants she
needs a man in her life
but she denies it day in day out
tries to keep busy with all she
can she lures you in and spits
you out when she gets bored
shes so lonley and so scared
but she hides it behind her
bitch face
she will get places before this
shit world falls apart .

for one girl in particular but for all the girls at the
same time

18 Feb 05

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really good! i had to read it 3 times to completely understand it and it's a little hard to follow but other than that, good job. I can relate to that girl.
 — unknown

I love this and great use of spelling and grammatical changes . . . yet, for me, it flows.  
I was caught by the beginning and then, lines 18-20 - nice imagery
Great job
 — slancho

good poem gilbert...hurry up and get on so u can read my "just me" poem..afterall it is dedicated to u!!...
 — crazy

This.  Is.  Fantastic.  Good flow.
 — WordsAndMe

This is absolutely beautiful.
 — OKcomputer