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blackie the cat belongs to my friendly
yes, he is.
one day he got bit by blackie
but it was only once
(or so he says) blackie
never bit me and
when i hold him
and when we go get drunk at the house
he runs outside.
blackie is a good one.

27 Feb 05

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well this blew my tiny mind
it reads like treacle and the meaning  is satisfyingly sticky.  i likey it.
 — kaleidazcope

wish i knew how to write like this

 — unknown

This seems more like a puzzle than a poem.
 — unknown

I can't say I know why this is such a big deal.
 — FangzOfFire

it's no puzzle to seem.
 — hank

It sounds like Lennie from "Of Mice and Men".
 — CantTell

i like the pivot words ... nicely done
 — Bloodfetish

interesting, but not quite great. it's like on of those pieces of visual art where somebody splatters paint in one place on a white canvas and calls it meaningful. it's abstract, but not necessarily art. abstraction is good when it carries some sort of artistic merit.

this is just pure abstraction and not a whole lot of poetry.
 — mould_jesus

what is so abstract? it's actually quite literal, literally a description of a cat.
 — hank

i love this.
 — listen

my cat's name is blackie
 — unknown

Says a lot seemingly without saying anything at all.
 — larrylark

thank you larry, it's a difficult game that i can't always play. but i try.
 — hank

He died
last week
they kept him for me
Had a smile
that maded me giggle

17 years
Dug an put him under the apple tree.
 — unknown

bye bye blackie.
 — hank