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"egregious" defined contextually

Were I a woman of nineteen five
I suppose I'd sport an egregious hat
with feathers of egret pluming from that
Were I an egret of nineteen five
I'd be the target of egregious hunts
for my feathers, to decorate some dowdy old

quite apparent:  this is a semi-companion piece to "a juvenile futurist of 1905".  
The National Audubon Society (usa) was founded in 1905 to press for the protection of wild birds slaughtered for the sole purpose of harvesting decorative feathers.

7 Mar 05

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requesting critical pan or whatever for this item.. the exercise is in -looking back- from today's perspective.  The companion poem is about -looking forward- from 1905 to 2005.  The polarity change also demonstates the loss of innocence and hope in the latter-day speaker.   The exercises also employ "were" in a way not much seen anymore.  In the Juvenile poem, the "would I were..." is now entirely archaic; yet it fits that period and the affectation was a -compaction- of poetic speech now lost and irrelevant as is the impotent Futurist, himself.  thanks for any added commentary to eigher poem.  I am -netsky-
 — unknown

Half-sad, yet

The more I read it, the more I like it.

My favorite of your poems.
 — claudia

Missed this first round.  Very clever.  Not sure of the space at the end.  Are we to fill in the blank?  Not good at that, myself.

I got the 1905 part but didn't know about the Audobon connection.
 — Isabelle5

 — unknown

  I should not spoil the ending (grin). Now even the former dash marks are gone. Thanks to you guys for the commentaries.   This modern fellow of just precicely -half of the century- in age, is  looking backwards, and is a cynic. Ah, but to be a woman, too.. of a century ago.. that is a stretch too much for me to imagine in depth.  thereefore I feel more empathy for the egret.  And so must you, if every you've observed these elegant, cool-tempered birds.  -It is  a versaword poem, of course, and came about -entirely- by the object aim: make a verse of some meaning from any specified subject word. "egregious", in this example.  =kind thanks to all=
 — netskyIam

This is clever. I had to look up 'egret'. Seems to end rather abruptly?
 — JustineCH

Great work! You should write the dictionary. I'd buy an autographed copy and dedicate it too my good friend Dustin. 10/10
 — Henry

Much obliged, Henry! So you can be genuinly kind ... :-).

- Dustbin
 — JustineCH

Make that two copies. One for Justine as well.
 — Henry

I like this. A great example of humour to make a serious point. Short and sweet/sharp.
 — jarvick

this is witty.
 — vienta