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stuck right now wasting my time
one, two hours of sparks, no flame
a luna? a sol? c'mon get outta here
go back to bold
back to soul and aggression
out of the head and into
the gut
light texture form all a self portrait
carve out a plate for yourself
go cut just to cut
cut just because it brings ideas
better than thinking
hum and whisper
direction from no direction.

8 Mar 05

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It's good to have a place to go. I like this. It has an honest masculinity, a little too cool sounding but you know it and admit it. The quagmire of a people without a true spirituality rooted in the depths of connection to the land, its real spirits, and one another.
 — C

5 i believe you could play more with this line, or the line could play more with peoples heads.

this could be applied to writing
 — kaleidazcope

really good.
 — listen

testosterone filled and looking to break out (of the kitchen, banality, the crrpy boring existence called life...). Man-poetry looking to re-take its **L*
 — SkinImIn