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Dizzy Vaulting spreads networks overhead.
Below,splendid pre-renaissance paintings.
Christ bled in betrayal,
furtive eyes of one who lied uncovered.  
Beneath, cave art,
slaves of the Nile,side ways on,
eyes forever gaze away
hidden behind layered  Giotto tempera.
They depart beyond a gilded edge,
workers from another place and time,
unwilling labour pledged.
Visitors edge forward, guide explains.
John The Baptist, sat among  misted vistas,
weary apostles muttering the gospels.
Ten Euro's buys a quick walk round,
a ten minute dash through the town,
then  back on the bus.
They depart. Rattling off over cobbles ,
wearing out the square,
or piazza as they say in these parts.
The locals sit at the  heart of early sunlight,
their slanting shadows part of this shining experience.
One be-jewelled tourist
extends sinuously cultivatedarms across the divide.
An exasperated loud speaker sighs
,"Please do not touch the exhibits.
They are there for your pleasure,
not arte-facts to be handled or measured."
Sculpted figure,head of household,
stretches  marble arms.
"Je Desire un vin rouge."
He saunters down the local bar,
modelled out of polystyrene,
decked  in louche shades of green.

16 Mar 05

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okay. i will be back when i have clearer head and comment sensibly. but can i say. that you should send Dizzy Vaulting off as a name suggestion to the James Bond poeple. and that LOUCHE is the best word i've seen used in a poem in a long time.
 — kaleidazcope


How SMERSH of you to spot my obsessive Bond syndrome recently diagnosed by my psychiatrist Dr. Blofelt and his pet cat.I could never figure out why i had a compulsive urge to visit casino's win loads of moneyand have beautiful women fall at my feet.I just assumed it was my cheap and nasty cologne.Now i have had it explained to me i have been shaken yet strangely not stirred.

Larry007 Lark
 — unknown

I just love this poem about Dr Who.

The Daleks and TimeLords really are underated as a cultural phenomonononononon. bubblewrap, polystyrene and sticky back plastic will never be put to such good use again. Thank goodness some rare examples are kept in a spaghetti museum.
 — kaleidazcope

i keep coming back to this one ... i think it's because of the bejewelled cultivated hand
chopped off in mid-grope by an exasperated sigh.
 — Bloodfetish

Dear Kaleidascope

Over here in liddle old England ,while remaining small but perfectly formed we await with eager anticipation the return of the Doctor and the Dalecks in the first new series for 15 years and I muse on whether it will scare my sons shitless the same way it did me at the age of 43,hiding behind the settee and my mummy saying "There there Larry,you can come out now .Those nasty Dalecks have all gone off to the BBC canteen for a bacon butty(sandwich) and a cup of engine oil."

Larry we will exterminate you Lark

PS I can;t write music but i think the very distinctive theme tune went something like this- Bom di diddly bom di diddly bom di diddly  bom bom whoooo whheeeee deee daaa daaa daaa dummmm du deeee.Larry wipes a tear from the corner of his eye and exits stage left/
 — unknown

over in liddle old england, where kaleidazcope lives in a big old house just outside london, a young lady is longing for dr who to start. in the meantime she is making do with this http://www.b bc.co.uk/doctorwho/ (and re-runs of old dr whos)

will they dissapoint or not. who knows. i'm thinking they just couldn't do a bad job, could they, could they!

will christopher eccleston be better than any other previous dr who. it's always touch and go when tv executives try and mess with your childhood memories.

currently 8 days and 2 hours and 4 minutes to go till we find out.

anguished wail. oh why am i such a pop culture. geek

did i mention that i had added this poem to my favourites, because i love it that much.? hence not talking about it becuase i don't have the words
 — kaleidazcope

Dear Kaleidazcope

Popular culture is in my view something that sustains and inspires by its often compellingly fascinating awfulness interspersed with moments of pure genius.Sorry about my gaff,i had convinced myself for no logical reason that you were American. I am so pleased you have added this to your favourites as i value your opinion and views very highly.

Larry pleased as punch Lark
 — unknown

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