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BAGASSE (huh?)

I wonder what sugar cane last thinks
as it gets crudely crushed  for sweet?
That is a dry demeaning  fate;
bagged and stacked then rudely tossed
bagasse next goes off as smoke
in furnace flue dead life cremated
Sugar cane wrung of its sweet
is bagasse until flaming fumes
flare off its last carbonic gas.
Pity poor outgassed bagasse;
It is no longer cane;
it is no longer sweet;
it is no longer bagged;
it is not even asked
what it thinks or if
it ever thought
The cane is ending as
bagasse is ending as
carbon gas is feeding
some other stand of cane
by which to feed unkind sweet teeth
at the expense of ingenuous  wavers
which we debased from first to last
-I do not like  bagasse-

           The fibrous material remaining after the extraction of juice from sugarcane; often burned by sugar mills as a source of energy.

    A  waste byproduct of the sugarcane harvesting process used as fuel in cogeneration and/or biomass power plants.

30 Mar 05

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nice poem. but even john barleycorn must die.
 — hank

yes, alas.  it's a versaword poem... a defining study of some strange word made into semi-comical poem form.  thanks, hank.
 — netskyIam