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Tribute to Vincent

Peasant faces loom from your dark brown palette
smelling of earth. I run my finger down a reproduction
of your early work; feeling soil, sweat  
and relief at the end of another day.
Some say you prayed for those people.
Light is hard to find when labour is endless.
In Aix-en-Provence, landscapes are suffused
by the brightness of a sensual sun,
yet luminosity shrank into a cornfield
filled with crows. A shot rang out.
Birds soared and light was obscured.

30 Mar 05

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Starry Starry night...........
 — aforbing

paint your palette blue and grey...
 — unknown

...an ear for your thoughts.
 — unknown

Dear All

I must say that this poem was a joint effort between me and my better half Opal.We live like Woody Allen and Mia Farrow but our love of poetry keeps bringing us back together.

Larry domestic bliss Lark
 — unknown

I would have preferred that you added on to l5 & 6 - that part of his life seemed to me to be the most profound. There is so much more to tell but you've done this up well for condensing it into a few short strophes.

 — unknown

Tough one, guy is so defined in the popular consciousness, thus good slant on the early work. Interesting contrast of light used in L7-11 compared to the earlier religious reference L5-6 or perhaps this was a reference to finding 'light' in the palette. Can't say I associate the word 'sensual' with Gogh. Liked the touch in L2 leading to an appraisal/empathy of/with the work. Relief? With labour no time for art, with help from his brother time for art and despair.
 — unknown

is that the end?  it seems undone.
 — themolly

Dear Sam

We wrote only to lines in the middle stanza as we saw that part of the poem as a bridge or pivot linking what cane before and after, early ,later work.

 — larrylark

Special! What a serene intimately earthy picture. Line 6 climaxes into great beauty. This is mastery with your wasp one. Neat how you "compassionate" about others. -C
 — unknown

I see, I thought it was about a character the artist cared for, a take on Vincent rather than intended as truly him. Didn't read the title or something. Kind of palling, but perhaps his story? It also takes more than light, huh, to live in balance here? Too tired to go further. Ciou gem and bird! -C
 — unknown

look out on a Summer's day...this is a lovely tribute to a wounded man.
 — Isabelle5

this is beautifully written. and i dont think so that the poem is incomplete.
and if i m not wrong this looks like a eulogy.
 — trochee

Hi C
I love Van Gogh ,seeing him as a truly heroic figure who died in the cause of his art, while i stay alive and piddle through each day on brown sauce and sofa's

Larry comfort zone Lark
 — larrylark

he is one of five of my favourite painters.

very nice poem, larrylark.

 — varun

Hi Varun

It seems we meet again at the early end of the day. Its 7.28AM here in the parish of Fishwick glued into the poorer end of Preston where a lot of the people have potato faces and eyes witout hope. I've just been out through an early morning mist to get my newspaper and a group were chatting on a wall opposite in between drinking Carlsberg Special Brew which is just about as strong a lager as you can get. Some make an early start round here. Behind them a grim factory looms, silent now a relic of the "golden age" of the cotton industry. Van Gogh would hace empathised with the people here, but would have hated the greyness.

cheers my friend

 — larrylark

that's a beautifully written story about where you are, larry.
heroes of art, eh? :) mr. vincent made well. his, gauguin's, cezanne's, matisse's and dali's paintings are always in my eyes.

i remember a guy named 'crow'. he was about 65, used to buy his cans of beer the night before, for his 7 a.m. flint chopping. we worked at a quarry in essex.
yes, the english grey can be depressing, especially so set against indian summer.

 — varun