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summing up

1've got
0 thing
2 say
2 you
5 finger solution
divide by

30 Mar 05

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yeah , i get your point here, but i felt it could have been a little more effective.
i cant really think of much off the top of my head, but i think the last word should definately be "goodbye" not just "bye" because the word BEFORE that is "by", and so it doesnt read well that way.

 — unknown

 — unknown

how about:

5 finger solution

/ by
5 = last
1 for you
 — unknown

this is something i would've found humerous at 8.
 — themolly

i find it humerous now and i'm 37. and i make no bones about it!
 — ollylama

i tuck my thumb in.

short clever thing.
 — kaleidazcope

original ollylama. does a 5 finger solution mean what i think it means?
 — hank

it means waving bye bye. what did you think it meant?
 — ollylama

Clever little poem, like it.
 — unknown

i can see raven doin dis

 — unknown