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"nefarious" acted out in brief

contextual definition in whimsical style
           I     criminal act
                 machine gun: ack! ack!
          II    henchmen near essential
                 to carry crime's tools
          III   acts in best minimum
                 to set the end stage
                 Impulse plus Modus lead to
                 1 ruined day
                 2n as in algebra
                 multiplied by
                 1x as for victim
                 effect by affect an
                unrighteous dictum:
                  Nefarious Result
                  (details occult)
    Curtains on all such vile criminality!
(rhyming here being the chief seminality)

6 Apr 05

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No No Notorious! ~D.D.
 — aforbing

does the math make full sense?  "n's" are the "II" nefarious henchmen.  the only "notorius" of course,  -netskyiam- or netsky (me)
 — unknown

sorry, only meant for  a bold "n" after the "II".   left a tag open.
 — unknown

creative. definately made me think, and then smile at the last two lines. cool stuff.
 — SteelAngel

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I see it now. What I wouldn't give for subscript.
 — alicedark