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Gay Male Pollyanna Strawberry Jam

is a lampoon of -myself- in actual fact. yet, is true at its fake-nasty core

this header was added after Sam's reply to avoid misunderstanding.  

thanks for crits but more particularly...do laugh. It's about being bold and loving and tolerant of eccentricity.

humor poems are too rare.  this one is well-cooked or well done because -you- are the chef in charge

Now listen up you homies cos I'm given you the rap
This @$*!  gay muthafucka izza turnin' on all taps!
Drainin' out red treacle,   'mo sweet this honey be
You can't swat him honey-beein' just as he wants-ta-be
Now, lay it down you stiffies cos I'm rappin to relax
And if you do not  like it now just bite me in the sack!
This gay muthafucka is a spreadin' thick his jam
and he flicks off his jellies like the sloppy dude he am
=Spreadin' wide yo' heads so's you don't go livin' dead=
this rap is a tap turned to fill into yo' heads!
I'm selfish hunnysuckerbugger gettin' all his strokes
by landin' on and an' stingin' at self-im-po-tent folks!
You can can this tin-ass fuckah if you really wanna be
as limp and dried out pissahs as like once he used ta  pee
I'm a Pollyanna Jamma I put sweet into yo moufs
to taste the sweetest jammin ever come up from the South
I leave this jam to draw more ants 'cause ants
they like my sweets!
You can lay like dried up crusts of bread      
but ants don't like no crumbs
ants! They love this sweetie joy boy who's makin' honest ties
but if this rap is buggin' you go spray the room for boys ,  flies

9 Apr 05

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as if this were not wild enough; I've another poem in the works, a collaborative effort, of different tone, texture but even more, uh, gay.
 — netskyIam

i'm not so sure about this one, netsky
one of the main reasons is that when i overhear a rap/jive conversation these days i don't understand a single word. in your work i understand many ...  (do folks still use homies?)
it's like you're remembering the rap and jam from years ago
i like Pollyanna Jamma, but i can't image what  @$*! means, since you've already used muthafucka - the only word worse (in my lexicon) than the big MF is the big C

i see the anger -- not rage, certainly -- more like a rant
'course, to be honest, i could barely translate jive
 — Bloodfetish

The thing is a parody of myself, moreso even, than rap.  It's not really anger but "joy boy" assertion that the way to operate is by bold honesty and freedom  of speech.  Not sure that that much comes across now  for the reasons you expressed.  I'll leave the wordless marks in place for now even though you do have a point.  I feel that they set up the comedy a bit better.  They -register- in a way, but don't "read".  In fact, I never considered them to stand for anyting specific at all... just a comedic goofing.  Perhaps I'll remove them later if/after more commentaries advise the same as you do.  Thanks for the read, for your  commentary and the liberal rating.  All very much appreciated.  -netsky-
 — unknown

Well net, I don't know what to think. It's rather bold and brazen but I guess that's the point. The play on words in l13 made me smile and even nod my head at the truthfulness. Hmmm...

Sam xx
 — unknown

I do sense now that readers here must be taking this as -addressment to themselves-
not!  It's a comedic goof originally penned for the bb here, in a contest proposal that we lampoon ourselves in a faked "rap" styling.  Now, that is all it is.  And I am a cheerful, completely undignified fellow.  And I guess. -pow- between the eyes: i'm shocking even you liberal thinkers/readers with this fake-rude send up of myself.   I can be rude in real life... but... yes, honey draws more ants than do crumbs.  I leave it at this: laugh at me because bottom line is: to love. And to laugh with/at me is a sort of love fully encouranged here.  I"m such a fool and love even -that- about myself.  Must. No choice.
 — netskyIam

HI-larious!! Love it,  cept for the second verse,  it annoys me  coz the flow is all fucked up!  I think you need less words in it.  
Leave "@$*!" in.
 — MFine

Self paraody?

 — Wix

I don't understand what is funny, please explain.
 — Wix

This is great! Crazy! Fun! I think you should unleash more patois so these fools can recognize!
 — Highwayman