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sunlight dappled kids
speed downhill trailed
by dust
and by flopping ears and rolling
pebbles with that distinctive
odor of musk that is so
that it also
bounces along the dirt track
sometimes catching the kids
and getting ahead of them so
that you don't know if
they're coming or going

11 Apr 05

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i like kids.
 — noodleman

yeah, kids are alright
 — hank

wait a minute. what do you mean? actually, don't answer that.
 — hank

ok, needleman. go ahead. talk about the kids.
 — hank

the door is open
 — hank

i dunno. i like kids.
 — noodleman

livinglies is going to get jealous
 — hank

You could be my daddy, noodleman.
 — jusmat

this is good in the way that i have nothing to add -succinct and well-written
 — guelah

ummm very deep lol no  i liked it good work and want is up with the guy that likes kids what  dose he mean by that ????
 — unknown

i loved peter very much when i was a little girl. i wanted to be his friend and run with him in the mountains just like heidi did. this reminds me of that. it's a little sad when your only experience of something is from the television. but i can console myself that we did get to chase cows from the garden with a wide teacloth on occassion.

you made the scene come alive with deft and economic splashes of sight, touch and smell. rare to see someone write with every sense.

 — unknown

thanks kal. very nice critique (glad it went in my favor on this one). pc misses you when your gone.
 — hank

Noodleman really likes kids. He reminds me of the guy in the black car with tinted windows and sunnies on.

I envy how you can describe things so simply and vividly without cluttering them up with junk. Your titles are..er..sometimes lazy though. :)
 — unknown

no. thank you. i hadn't thought of peter and heidi for a long time.

 — unknown

yeah wendz, been thinking about that. but i like to leave a lot open in a title, try to let it sing instead of state. after my last post it was nice to get back to one little word.
 — hank

I love the smell of kiddie musk in the morning. Smells like victory. I mean Vicks Mentholyptus.

The answer? I think they're coming. Bumpy road, puberty. Was that a trick question?
 — ollylama

Kids are that way....
 — unknown

yeh, olly's here!
 — hank

is that similar to the bus giving you a hardon?
 — hank

a goat named woody.
 — hank

dude, you get off on busses? i can see how the tailpipes are pretty useful but you can burn your thingie.
 — ollylama

 — noodleman

 — noodleman

everyones writing about kids these days.  notice?  look at the newest.
 — unknown

kids r us
 — unknown

Simple and pretty. I raised three myself. Are the flopping ears on a dog? Great poem!
 — wamblicante

wamblicante, are you serious? and you have this as one of your favorites? whew.
 — hank

i'm glad you like the poem but...unless you're a farmer...
 — hank

I also have 3 kids! My son smells like this poem.:-) And I want to grab this poem and squeeze it.
 — smugzy

you've got to be kidding.
 — hank

Omit line 8, please! Would make the peice so much stronger.
 — WordsAndMe