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Beastly Beauty

Away she went,
dancing down what could be
any leafy suburban street,
projecting her feet through
low altitude air,causing quite a stir
among neighbours and life's sailors
whose port of call never passed through
hardboard scenery.
Shadows loomed
as she pirouetted round the bend
beyond the last  greenery,
into a crumbling  mean terrace
that smouldered while twilight poured
dark onto night. "Where the fuck you off to,
dumb girl?" Big boy blocked her path.
Laughing she caught a thread of tawdry hair
floating round his lemon head ,
spun  golden twine to swiftly bind him
ankle and wrist, blew him a kiss,
then kicked him where it really hurts.
Later he was seen applauding in her wake.
His  Ma had a different take,
"My boy's  fallen head over heels
for the first girl who tore apart
his sensitive heart. Big mistake."

13 Apr 05

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 — kaleidazcope

Rich, vivid, colourful, evocative - yep, beautiful....
 — smugzy

When I entered my, "The Norned Vultures (Brainwave)", it appeared after yours on top of the newest list. I get stoked on such synchronicity. It happens like a constant here.

Wow, great spin! Why is she named "beastly" though?
 — C

I love this.
 — Krttika

That's an entertaining story, Larry.  Nice.
 — themolly

Dear C

She is beastly because she was so horrid and naughty bads to the darling boy who was an apple in his mummy's eye.

Larry I want my mummy Lark
 — unknown

I love the way this is written - I had to read it quickly to catch all the internal rhyme. Good, good.

am xx
 — unknown

^ new name arry. Damn keyboard.

 — unknown

I forgot to mention in the poem that all this action took place under a kaleidazcope sky and when she got round the korner she hopped into a newspaper taxi

Larry Blackcab Lark
 — larrylark

Dear Unknown

Now go back and read it slow.

Larry tortoise Lark
 — unknown


S notanunknown am
 — unknown

 — tragicbubble

Dear Smugzy

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to read

Larry Ingrate Lark
 — unknown

Dear KrrTika

Glad that it entertained you

Larry the entertainer Lark
 — unknown

That's right I suppose, such a spiderwoman to block the evil-apple eyed!
 — C

Dear Themolly

Its nice because i'm nice

Larry nice Lark
 — unknown

I love the lemonhead boy image - people as fruits, what a great idea - I want to be a raspberry. The format of this is just brilliant and the way it reads is so evocative and funny - also the way perception is addressed is also extremely astute,
 — opal

Dear Opal

I feel humbled in your mighty poetic presence,but i like it to.

Larry best of both worlds Lark
 — larrylark

have you too met?

-noodle wiseacre man
 — unknown

 — unknown

Dear Noodle Wiseacre Man

Never heard of her

Larry Liar liar ,pants are on fire Lark
 — unknown

love the ending....
 — unknown

You make this all seem so easy. Awesome.
 — SharonH

Dear SharonH

Thats cus it is##

Larry the big lie Lark
 — larrylark

nice poem larry. a little bird told me you live in london.
 — knah

its not as good as some of your others, I didnt like it (except 'lemon head').
 — b00

Dear 6oo

Sorry , I was in a bit of a vegitive state when i wrote this one

Larry Pumpkin Lark
 — larrylark