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I Love You

I Love You.
Three words i thought i'd never speak.
Love was a fairytale. Never happened to me.
Then i met you.
I Love You.
A feeling i thought i'd never experience.
I felt so hollow. So incomplete.
Then i met you.
I Love You.
Whenever i think of you i feel warm.
I used to feel cold. So alone.
Then i met you.
I Love You.
Whenever i look at you i feel giddy.
Anticipating your touch. Your kiss.
I'm glad i met you.
I Love You.

ok, so this is my 1st attempt at trying 2 express myself in a not-so-depressive way...

18 Apr 05

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it's a good first not-so-depresisive attempt.  Seeing "I Love You" so many times in a poem gives it a chessy appearance. Try replacing 2nd-5th " I Love You"s with a description of a warm body part,  and in line 14, replace giddy with any other word.  and  keep writing!
 — unknown

In all the 'i met you's is the 'i' supposed to be lowercase? Because it's consistently lowercase in that phrase but uppercase everywhere else.
 — soda482