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ancestral change

a whimsy

I'm one quarter Irish and another quarter germ.
Plus a shilling of John Bull
and tuppence of the Scots
plus the final phennig of The Lost Jew.
the makers of a beggar
All past, all gone.
In resume, I'm residue
of Paul Brown, the inventor of
air motors for player pianos;
for non-players to riff the aires
by pumping pedals instead of keys.
inventor of the "wind motor", 1889
to scroll the paper music rolls
And from the tree, too, came a Pear-
son, my first cousin, twice removed.
He did much write in social sense
although his given name was Drew.
Drew Pearson, a journalist and novelist.
These ancestors ran short on cash;
you read their only farthing left,
impoverished in grace and rhyme,
left begging alms upon the street
and vending thoughts for very little
in a one-way free exchange.

20 Apr 05

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Netsky, this is a great reflection. I enjoyed it very much. Amazing what cool things you find laying around when you look. I'm an amateur genealogist and so this resonates with me.
 — ka

Wow! I really like this. I love lines 2-6 - so cleverly done and to great effect.

The whole of this has an air of poignancy that smooths the edges of its cleverness.

Line 17 only line that jars - he did much write - a little unnatural to me
Line 25 should this start uppercase?

But I do like this very much
 — smugzy

you dont change my opinion
you still suck
 — nicolecote

I like the last verse the best.  It seems the most concrete and says it all.

I like the rest, just find it all rather strangely put.
 — Isabelle5

revizzed april 7 '06.
 — netskyIam