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Doctor Patient

Doctor, please, say what is all of this
thready stuff in my stream of piss
The Doctor replies in calm disdain
"I shouldn't be sleeping with her again"
Doctor, please tell, what is the matter
with my urgent but never emptying bladder
The Doctor bows low, without alarm
"Check prostate. Here. Don't mind my arm"
Doctor, please note that my veins varicose
and my arteries throb if I blare bellicose
The Doctor winds up his prognostic distaste
"Your clock of life tolls half-past late"
Doctor! Please!... do you think I might ...die?
The Doctor like Death glares in silent reply
Doctor...(oh!)... do have some kidney pie
The Doctor prescribes at the dinner table
"Oh...do come to my office when you are able"

24 Apr 05

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