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Banana ga suki desu ka? (do you like bananas)

This poem is neither serious nor good...........it was written in two minutes and is a prayer to our lord and saviour jesus christ.

I like bananas,
They are iregular shaped,
they are brightley coloured,
yellow skin in which they are caped,
My poem is dump because i wrote it just now,
Kiss my butt you stupid cow.
While i consider my engish good,
Poetry is out of my reaches,
leaving me to reach for some peaches.

29 Apr 05

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i do not think your poem is very good but i laughed
 — bettalpha

this is now in my favorites.
 — noodleman

You said "kiss my butt you stupid cow" in a prayer?
To Jesus?

Jesus Christ!
 — CantTell

Yes, what, CantTell? I'm busy, please be quick...

 — unknown

Just wondering what you think about somebody praying to you, asking you for advice, guidence, and love, and then saying
Wether its directed at you or not.
A bit strange?
Pretty common?
Just wondering...
 — CantTell

never present a well-shaped pair of buttocks for cow's
kiss. she might take you up
on one horn for the ride of your life.
 — Bloodfetish

i wrote this four years ago. i give it now to you:

Ode to the Banana

A banana is a yellow fruit
both inside and out--
sometimes they get bruises
but you don't have to pout,
you can eat them anyway.

You might ask:
"Why write a poem
about a banana?"
Because bananas are a
good source of potassium.
But they attract mosquitoes.

Egotism. Yummy.

the was another stanza but i forgot it.
 — youthculture

what jerry falwell says hurts a lot more, if you really want to know.

i asked vishnu and he was kind of pissed, but me, i have no sacred cows.

 — unknown

i am going to go to hell for impersonating jesus on a web site but thats ok i like las vegas.
 — noodleman

I knew it was you!
 — CantTell

heh. i did not write the poem however, as amazingly subtle and illuminating it may be.
 — noodleman

No no, you could never write something this.... "subtle". But who else would impersonate Jesus Christ just to humor me?
That'd be... no one. Just you.
 — CantTell

I wrote the poem...at frist i didnt want to be acknowledged but know i do. Thanks
 — Bazrey

Bloody freaking awesome! only you could praise and make ajoke about God in the same poem while keeping to true to the main important theme BANANAs .
 — lodza

what is it that makes this so "good" come on
 — unknown

youre a dick unknown just read it..it rules
 — unknown

I do not like bananas.
I do not like this poem, either.
 — unknown

The thing I love about this site is that stuff like this can attain almost clut status. I hate this poem with every fibre in my all bran.
 — unknown

that wasn funny
 — lodza

Hmm, wow, nice?

-Sam' xx
 — unknown

and that my liege is how we know the world to be banana shaped
 — deity

lol. nice prayer. very touching and holy. HILARIOUS!!
 — lonelygirl

 — unknown

 — OKcomputer

I really like this.  It's charmingly bad.
 — megabyte

 — noodleman

^I'm laughing my ass off at that.
 — OKcomputer

love it
 — unknown

"poem is dump"
 — onklcrispy

such a killer line
 — onklcrispy

y u put Kiss my butt you stupid cow if its a prayer to jesus???
 — unknown

this peom sucks!!!
 — unknown