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maybe it's gone
that thing
that thing that was tin
tin that can fly in the air
and maybe it wasn't
of the open rum bottle
but maybe it was
can't get on virgin
messed up on rum
not good for little ladies
that rum

for vanda

1 May 05

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this is very good.
across many planes.
the emotion is tangible
even between the lines.

must be you.
 — kaleidazcope

how'd you know?
no pun on 'planes' i would imagine.
 — hank

there were coincidences,
the timing was right
you have a good and true voice
i imagine i can be very naff sometimes.
 — kaleidazcope

what is naff?
 — hank

yes, coincidences and timing.
this poem is written to my friend and is much nicer
than the words actually said at the time.
 — hank

that naff isn't a word with two z's in

 — unknown

i know other words with two ff's. but i do need a bigger dictionary.
 — hank

no lo comprendo. although i love a good poem about booze. i must be too drunk to fathom it. maybe if i drink a bit more...
okay. i got it. it's about being too drunk to screw?
is it about olive oil?
 — ollylama

naff is short for naffarious by the way.
 — ollylama

i'm supposed to send this to a woman, she's a lawyer, nevermind.
 — hank

actually, she's a girl.
 — hank

naff is short for naffarious by the way. ****

always wanted to straddle a geek

tie im up with stinky underwear to my tobogan

are you available tonight?
 — unknown

u don't sound a v enticing prospect - think she'll b able to resist yr advances..
 — unknown