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Alien Evil Twin

A walk away from work,
bus stop beckoned.
Noticed guy,
strange look in eye
metallic grey pupils
looked to be reckoning
for size my stupified  brain.
I.Q., no one  behind,
he was, in seconds.
Felt a pain. Faint smell,
fried offal fanned by flames.
He moved into my face.
Voice of one whose
lost the power
of human noise
to...a ....place...i...can ...stay.
His skin stretched
like dry husk
of antique Egyptian king.
Tic pinged,roaming
mechanically over
his cheek. Finally
saw the flaw,
from the point
of his jaw
to the bridge of his nose
Perfectly symmetrical face,
two equal eyes
each with a sty
twin ears identified
on the sides of his head
mouth perfect, pouting, pursed.
Spoke again like undertaker
following a hearse.
"Be ..awfully .... good ...chap...
help me search..Lost...my map...
Point ...me ...towards...
Charing Cross ..meeting ..boss...
..can't ..find ..it...on
my..lap ..top..."
His power point hand
swept the sky.
I turned to fly
flicking tie watering my eye
Heard sound, distant buildings melting down,
sunset crumpled,giant shadow
covered the ground.

5 May 05

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so much
it pulls one through to the end.
first stanza started balky ... a little slow
but i found the rhythm in the second and rode it through to the end
second and third readings, first stanza still plods a bit -- i think it's the hard k of beckoned and the softer f in fried offal (and "movement" into face) that make it a harder start ...

19-49 ay-ay-ay! (i like) (a lot)
 — Bloodfetish

Dear Bloodfetish

Thank you for the interesting analysis. I will look at the first stanza very carefully in the light of your constructive advice.

 — unknown

Lurve the title - reminds me of my brother
 — unknown

This is extremely good...why isn't on the top rated list?
 — orange

Dear Orange

Who knows?
 — unknown

Dear Unknown

Funny you should say that cus it reminds me of both my brothers

Larry evil alien triplet Lark
 — opal

I don't understand how opal is larrylark, but that last comment seems to indicate that. Crazy.
 — mindbodysoul

Hi mindbodysoul

You don't have to read something into everything. These are just a bunch of poems on a shiny screen and the only person i can see who writes any of them is opal.

Larry singular Lark
 — larrylark