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for fate and destiny with affection

with affection
i will throttle fate
that little bitch
and grab destiny
by the collar
when i get there
and smash their
conniving and contriving
foreheads together
followed by a kiss
the kids need reprimanding
for their devilishness
and be thanked
for their ingenuity

5 May 05

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a clever look
i was thrown for a moment, as fate (at least where i'm from) is often garbed as male
i wonder if it was in the cards that they be smashed, kissed then reprimanded ...
 — Bloodfetish

i've seen fate garbed as both. i think klimpt garbed fate as a she. i certainly see her as a giggling and devlish she. maybe it depends upon what we are garbed as.
 — hank

kids! is kissing a reprimand?
 — bettalpha

You haven't chilled out after all.
I am scared.
 — unknown

the kiss is the thanking bettalpha. is that confusing?
 — hank

a little
 — bettalpha

I'd put "when I get there" after line 9.

Could there be another word for devilishness?  I'd offer evil, but that might be abit strong.

and "thanks" is better grammar.

 — Stiroutloud

 — unknown

when i get there at line 9 would ruin a symmetry that i like.
thanks is nice but thanked is proper tense.
 — hank

those meddling kids. i would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for them.
 — ollylama

who put them up to it llama?
 — hank

Hank.. ur poems are incredible dude!!
love them.. love them all
[well mostly] :)
 — insideout