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You ask what I like?
Sitting, arms folded, opposite T.V.
remote or three nearby,
in a  place where my face always fits.
A bit of a laugh when I act daft,
plus a pimple that reminds me why
life's not flawless,
with feet marooned
in comfortable old shoes,
cardboard cocoons,
slipped in the soles to cover the holes.
Sup a few beers, play some pool,
and fit snug as flock wallpaper
glued to the fabric of every day,
nothing memorable,
nothing to say.

9 May 05

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i understand where this is coming from. line 12, "sip".
 — aerol

'sup' - not sure that one crosses the pond Larry :0)

Playful, sad, hopefully not too honest, a pruning down on the style front

 — unknown

this is good.  Although I don't understand the question mark at the end of the first line.
 — themolly

ah the potato
seated in front of life. done so well
sup is a fine word

(coincidently, i posted a music video i made yesterday, for a song entitled Requiem ... much darker than this, though)
 — Bloodfetish

Hopefully this doesn't carry a ring of honesty -- but otherwise fine work.
 — midare

Dear aerol

No sup; an old English word not much in common parlance that meant to drink excessively and riotiously.

Larry on the piste Lark
 — larrylark

i really like your writing style. have you considered writing short stories, or anything like that, you'd be fabulous. i'd fly to buy a copy of that book.
 — adiscodancer

a disco dancer

It takes me all my time to get a few may be poetic lines down. Stories seem so daunting. Thank you for your kind words.
 — larrylark

like a sparkling drop of light
its very nice.
 — jittery

Thanks Jittery

Nice to have a comment .I seem to have lost my touch on this site in the last couple of weeks

Larry out of ink Lark
 — larrylark

Ha. This is refreshing in a very odd way. The American 'head-of-household' at its best?
 — sunfeet

i like this a lot. in fact i like a fair few pieces of your work. love your writing style, it's bloody brilliant!
 — wintersun

Dear Wintersun

You're comment has given me great cheer on a bleak and endless February morning

Larry yearning for spring Lark
 — larrylark

I love this larry. It's poignant and very perceptive, and it has the ring of truth throughout.

I particularly like the detail in lines 8-11. My Dad used to use the cardboard insoles when I was a kid and money was scarce; plus he liked his old slippers.

Do you need the comma at the end of line 9?  It would read more smoothly without it don't you think? I do like this larry. You need a whole book of your poems really as they are very special you know?
 — smugzy

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