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Attention Deficit

Two, sometimes three times
a week,I lob  corks  in an arc
through cigar fume filled air,
past immaculate dining room
chairs, beyond the lure of perfumed
couture, towards where  the basket
ball rim of the wastepaper bin shimmers.  
Trajectory guides it among
glimmering winter stars, moonshine
or summer sunbeams fading light.
A further glass of wine steadies
the mind and by extension calms
the arm,improves the sight,
its dull thud as it hits the rug  similar
to the plop of  stoppers coming off bottles
of flat champagne. Next one,take aim,
bulls eye,rattles like a dying snake in the clutches
of a buzzard. Conversation stops,
glaring eye of hostess, man trap mouth
unmuzzled , bright brittle sarcastic voice.
"Is it close or are the Harlem Globe
Trotters strolling home tonight?"

19 May 05

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space after comma L2.
space after comma L13.
space after comma L16.
space after comma L17.....I beginning to think you did this on purpose.  Did you?

This is really good.  It reminds me of a prolouge to a strange and winding novel.
 — themolly

Oh dear lord, this sounds like me.
 — FeltPen

likinit larry!
you had me at "i lob corks in an arc"
and held me all the way to the end.
i was disappointed by moonbeams,
but then noticed it wasnt even there!
i have to check your others to enjoy
more lines like 2, 7, 14, 15.

the way i read it, the
closing quote isnt clever.
and in fact, makes little
sense which serves to
make the writer idle.
hence the title.
 — gnormal

Dear Gnormal

It seems that you must be sitting somewhere inside my head.

Larry twinned Lark
 — unknown