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The Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba's walking down
A road a hundred miles long
Thinking of the king she left behind
The desert's lonesome and it's bare
Her heart a heavy solitaire
She'll walk alone, she doesn't care what she'll find
'Cause the more she’s missing him
The more she’ll be kissing him
Going down to Abyssinia in her mind
The king of Judah's pining for
The long lost lover he adored
Who came and robbed the cradle of mankind
His kingdom's fallen all around
Blood has spilled upon the ground
His wisdom gone, her theft has left him blind
Now all he does is dream of her
Even as Palestine is burned
He'll babble on, still drunk on palace wine
'Cause the more he's missing her
The more he'll be kissing her
Gone down to Abyssinia in his mind.
The Prince of Sheba's come to town
To meet the bearer of the crown
The tender of the tree that made him wise
But the temple's broken and it's burned
Twelve sons stolen, they won't be spurned
He'll march on Babylonia in disguise.
'Cause the one who frees the king
Will be the long lost son succeeding him
Cyrus, sire, please let our people rise.
Or we’ll take you through the wind and brush
To a desert ignominious
Down to Abyssinia in her eyes.

This poem is taken from my novel "Abyssinia," which can be downloaded for free at www.oliverbenjamin.net/writings.html.

25 May 05

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L30 should that be in quotes? I like your title, and the content of this. It's captivating. Word of advice, don't rhyme on this poem. It doesn't seem like it should, even if it's by accident. Nontheless, it's good
 — Lilac

you are one hell of a romantic.
 — hank

olly, love this poem. who's cyrus?
 — hank

cyrus was the persian king who freed the jews.
 — unknown