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how not to play marco polo

molest the waitress.

4 Jun 05

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 — coldromantic

 — unknown

 — unknown

^ me.

This made me laugh SO HARD.
 — OKcomputer

Still laughing.
 — OKcomputer

Laughing still.
 — OKcomputer

Laughing long.
 — OKcomputer

Laughing hard.
 — OKcomputer

Laughing has ceased.

But I will laugh again.
 — OKcomputer

Thanks Oakey.
 — alibi

 — tragicbubble


 — unknown

 — OKcomputer

 — megabyte

i am apparently

a. missing a synapse   b. lacking a key piece of trivia  c.  just plain ol dumb

cause me no understand. :(
 — noodleman

That's the beauty of it, man.
 — megabyte

Question mark?????? where is the rest?
 — lodza

There's nothing to understand. It's supposed to... make you chuckle.

I'd say this is a decent thought... somewhat of a lame joke, but it isn't so lame that it's annoying. A poem? No. Honey, no.
 — ramher

Aahahahahahaa.. hahaha. wow.. don't know why but I was laughing outloud for a bit over this one.
 — Cloudless

i wasn't laughing. i was thinking, what a load of crap.
 — unknown

 — Virgil

I thought this was supposed to be a  poetry workshop..
 — Josephseth11

it is a poetry workshop. you're treating this like a karaoke night? it's up to you to write to us how and why this isn't a poem -- use your genius to show us where this fails. just saying something as an opinion, as though this was entertainment weekly's review of ha-ha verse, isn't going to help the poets.
 — cadmium

ignore the pedophile cadmium / James Bauer
 — unknown