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Th inked

Were I the young man in the moon
I'd beam glows upon your beauty pair.
For Io-you I'd prom light croons
of luminescent admiration.
I'd sing of orbs then ink a kiss.
You'd probably recall this:  the
moment when his pen-light mind
incandesced a love-luned scribe
on and to your sweet
uncratered hind

6 Jun 05

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uncratered hind?  lol
 — cruellshoos

Steve Martian (sic) sends his secondary kiss via your screen name.  
Cruellshoes soled  another whimsey-kick
 — netskyIam

I like the Io-you phrase.  I don't really find line 6 amusing but I sure do recall the days when I had line 9!!!

Not sure how I feel about this so I can't rate it currently.
 — Isabelle5

You are right, Isabelle: that word was too much, too cloying.
-the poem is posed as if it were written on a bare bottom-
In essence, it is, uh jiggle poetry and what wo- or -man would
not be honored to have a poem inked on his/her bottom?  (I grin)
 — netskyIam

You realize that this says that you wrote this on someone's ass at 12am?
 — ramher

Yes, it is -exactly that-, although the time at night was not specified so precisely.  It is written with a Sharpie pen on my loves white cheeks.   In a filip of further whimsey, I should like to do it the verse in "simultaneous mirror writing" -fipped on the other cheek. Thereby, the jiggle-poem may be read by her/him in by rear view mirror.  Thereby giving a poem that reads just fine bass-ackwards as it does f'or.  (may I pen on you, kind person? I go all ways)
 — netskyIam

How romantical!!

 — unknown

a title to catch the eye :0)

 — unknown

glue the bests bit together for a good short poem
 — bettalpha

edited, new title too.  
any takers?  
I have a Sharpie pen at hand...
 — netskyIam