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dance even with the ugly words

Dance With the Words
EveryMan, dance
to the words, with the words
you live to
take the words and rake them lively
pirouette gavotte minuette rave
the words you danced tonight
whether NYC  London  Paris
please and partner every
parsing verbal venus
and even
every belle-ep-squawk
Dance even with the ugly words
Why the fuck not?
they're all for you,
always, everyway.  
Bend them to your needs
Tango literary violence
but do kiss w/t/hen you can tell
WildSymphony of words
I sent you

6 Jun 05

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Aww lol Merci! :)

Tis Cute! :D

 — unknown

not such a good poem, really (might even be awful)  but it came by your inspiration and it belongs to you, therefore.  thanks.  reid
 — netskyIam

:-O Its not awful!! Its cool, I love the mixture of words ;)
 — WildSymphony

makes literacy a crime
 — unknown

nice one!
 — Roz

and still he continues to comment me back when im totally being honest, and hunny its not hate, its the truth so fucking deal with it.
:) peace
 — nicolecote

I liked this one.
 — unknown

Words can change their meaning, or am I alone on this one too?
 — Meep